Why does Australia participate in the competition?


Voyager Group is a finalist in the Eurovision Song Contest. The participation of this five-man gang may come as a surprise, The group will indeed defend Australia’s chances.

Several tens of thousands of kilometers separate Australia from the European continent. However, the peripheral country will be present in this 2023 edition. Since 2015Australia participates in Eurovision every year. That year, the country was exceptionally invited by the organizers on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the competition.

Australian people love Eurovision very much. The program was broadcast (delayed) to The first time in 1983 On an equal footing SBS, one of two public television groups. In the face of such great enthusiasm in Australia, show organizer BEuropean Broadcasting Union (EBU)Therefore, I decided to invite the country to participate in the final of its competition in 2015.

Success for this first post

As noted ParisianThis was the first Australian participation audience success. But with the time difference, the program was broadcast at midnight and for the first time live. The semi-finals also appeared immediately.

It was a success and so the EBU chose Grant Annual invitation to Australia. In 2019, an agreement was concluded between SBS and EBU for this The country can participate in the next five sessionsuntil 2023.

It remains to be seen if the experiment will be repeated next year. Logically a new post should be registered If, via the Voyager group, Australia can win. The Australian representative passed the semi-final stage and is now hoping to win this one 67th editionThe organizer is on the Liverpool side.

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