Why does Australia participate in Eurovision and not Luxembourg? (video)


Contrary to what his name seems to imply, theEurovision Not only European countries are welcome. Why ? Our colleagues from TV 2 weeks Explained in a new issue of TV in question.

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to update : to know everything and not miss any information related to Eurovision Song Contest 2018, click here ! – Eurovision It does not necessarily rhyme with European countries. As proof of this, Australia is participating for the second year in a row in the Great Song Contest. Why ?

In fact, it is not enough to be part of Europe to participate in this annual singing competition. You must already be an active member of the European Broadcasting Union, also known by the acronym EBU. It is a kind of media alliance that supports the various public services in each country, like France Télévisions here. But special audiovisual sets can also be part of an EBU, as with TF1 and Canal+.

However, the EBU expects the maximum number of participants to be from 46 countries. In some cases, it can allow the country to take advantage of opt-out, as withAustralia who participates for the second time inEurovision in 2016.

Not all member states participate in the EBU. Many countries can participate in Eurovision, as they are considered active within the EBU. This is the case of Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Tunisia or even the Vatican … They do not do it for various reasons, often financial. Some countries chose not to participate in Eurovision. Luxembourg, for example, has won the competition five times, or even Monaco, Andorra, Turkey or Morocco, which has only participated once in 1980.

More explanations to discover in the video above. And for other answers to your questions about Eurovision, you will find them here:


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