Tougher student visas are worrying Australian carers


A wind of panic is blowing over Australian carers caring for the elderly. the Melbourne Magazine the age It conveys the concerns of carers in the face of the government’s plan to reduce the number of authorized working hours for student residence permit holders.

Student visa holders are in high demand for low-paying jobs in this understaffed sector. But the hours [de travail] The unlimited hours they can provide, following agreements on visas signed during the pandemic, will be reduced to twenty-four hours a week as part of a series of measures aimed at curbing the exploitation of temporary workers.” sums up everyday life.

“As it is, the decision is likely to have the effect of exacerbating existing shortages,” he said. Tom Symondson, director of the Community and Aged Carers Association, is alarmed. Unions are calling for a six-month extension of the current conditions for student visa holders.

System hijacking

Senior care in Australia relies heavily on international students who come to lend a hand. According to the Catholic Healthy Aged Care Network Australia, At least 10% of the workforce [du secteur] Consisting of student visa holders, 40% of whom work more than 48 hours every two weeks.”.

Australian authorities are currently reviewing the admission system for international students in the country in order to avoid using visas issued only to get them to work in low paying jobs.

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