To preserve its marine fauna, Australia creates a protected area as large as Germany


The Australian government plans to triple the size of the Macquarie Island Marine Park to enhance conservation of species and plants.

Australia is more involved than ever in protecting its natural environment. as shown WatchmanIn the coming months, the Australian government plans to triple the protected area of ​​Macquarie Island, where several million penguins and seals reside.

Through this project, which Australia’s Environment Minister, Tanya Plebersek, has described as “a contribution of global importance to the conservation of the marine environment,” the protection area will extend to more than 388,000 square kilometres, which is the size of Germany.

“Expanding and increasing protection of the waters around Macquarie Island will allow us to better manage this important ecosystem for the future,” explained Tanya Plibersek.

Upcoming public consultation

This ambition of the Australian Government will be subject to public consultation before it can be adopted. In a detailed plan, Tanya Plibersek promised that Patagonian toothfish fisheries would not be threatened and said that with the expansion of the Macquarie Island Marine Park, nearly half of Australia’s marine areas (48.2%) would be protected.

Macquarie Island, located between Tasmania and Antarctica, is one of the most important seabird feeding and breeding grounds in the world. Extending 34 km in length and 5 km in width, this place is also home to many rare species like king penguins, subantarctic fur seals, and black-packed albatrosses.

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