The tenant found a ploy to drive the landlord crazy


Pettiness or a ploy to show his displeasure? Anyway, this Australian tenant found a way to tickle his landlord.

This Australian is paying him money to rent the house he lives in $1199.99 per week (In Australia, you often pay rent by the week) and not $1,200 (about €740) as demanded. A penny is nothing but the owner is very annoyed. He recently made a call for help Facebook group for mutual aid between distressed owners To know how to act.

Especially since this tenant was previously paying $1,200 and suddenly started paying a penny less. But he gives an explanation: Small problems in the apartment Like noise pollution from the air conditioner.

Anyway, the landlord is sure of one thing: After only three months of rent, The lease will not be renewed Next year ! He will have to bite the brakes until February 2024.

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