Stade Toulousin: “It’s my home now!” Emmanuel Miiafo wants to play in France’s XV and has rejected advances from Australia


The second line of “Rouge et Noir”, born in New Zealand, raised in Australia and played in France for nearly 5 years, dreams of joining the blue group. An ambition that he legitimately believes in.

red, black and blue. The triptych that guides, every day, Emmanuelle Mevaux, 24. The second line of Stade Toulousain was born in New Zealand. He was then brought up in Australia where he made his professional debut, a country he now holds his nationality with. Before his arrival in France, in Toulouse, in 2019, he was 21 years old.

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Within the club five-time European champions, he revealed himself and gained the international level. But which national team does he marry? For Emmanuel Mevue, France is without a doubt. “I would like to play for France,” he declared openly on Thursday, April 13 in an interview with the British daily The telegraph. Interview in which he revealed he had refused to join the Australian selection: “I had a good discussion with Eddie Jones (Australian coach, editor’s note)I told him about my engagement with the Blues. This is my home now. I’ve been playing here for almost five years, so I’m linked to France, whether I play in the World Cup or not.”

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In fact, Meafou’s ultimate dream was to join the Blues at the World Cup in France. In a few months, that won’t be possible. According to World Rugby regulations (which have recently been relaxed), a player must have resided in a country for at least 5 years, in a regular manner, to be eligible to join said country selection. Arriving in November 2018 in the Pink City, the Giant (2.03m; 145kg), who nonetheless has Jiff (player from courses) status, in theory must wait until November 2023 to be eligible.

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Even if, some case law can give him hope… Remember that last February, Emmanuel Mevu was called on by France XV coach Fabien Galthe to prepare for the match against Wales, during the Six Nations Championship. A way to show that the blue stick is based on it. For the future.


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