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Anglo American forms production units for the Americas, Africa and Australia


(Alliance News) — Anglo American PLC announced Wednesday that it will consolidate its manufacturing operations into two regions starting July 1, and that it is reorganizing its management team to implement the change.

The London-based miner said production activities would be divided into two regions – the Americas, Africa and Australia. Each will be headed by a Regional Director. Ruben Fernandez will be responsible for the Americas division and will be based in Brazil, and Themba Mkhwanazi will be the Regional Director for Africa and Australia and will be based in South Africa.

Anglo American said regional directors are “responsible for the security and accountability of operations, improving current performance, future options and business value,” adding that they will “provide effective functional support and service provision to their operations in each country.”

Anglo American added that Chief Financial Officer Stephen Pearce will retire this year after serving since 2017. The process of appointing his successor is still ongoing.

Over the past year, she said, Anglo American has “modernized” its management team to achieve its “full potential” as it focuses on creating sustainable value.

CEO Duncan Wannblad said: “We are re-engineering the way we run our production business and the functional expertise that supports it to deliver safe, consistent operational excellence and drive value.

Anglo American shares were down 0.4% at 2,257.00 pence each in London Wednesday morning and down 0.4% at 556.40 ZAR in Johannesburg.

By Sabrina Penty, Alliance News correspondent

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Australia: More than 40,000 hectares of koala-friendly forest may soon be gone


Since 2022, koalas across much of Australia’s east coast have been officially considered ‘endangered’, as the animals have suffered the consequences of bushfires, drought and disease. And it doesn’t look like their troubles will end soon…

41,000 hectares affected by logging

Environmentalists, incl Northeast Forest Allianceclaims that areas, including 41,000 hectares vital to koalas, have been marked for potential logging in New South Wales.

The new 12-month logging plan comes amid growing pressure on the state government to stop logging in local forests. The associations would like him to follow the example of neighboring Victoria. The latter announced that logging in the indigenous forests would end in December, six years earlier than planned.

What are the largest spiders in the world?

The Governments of New South Wales and UK Parliament They should stop logging in the areas they have identified as the most important habitat for koalas.”said Dylan Pugh, president of the Northeast Forest Coalition.

According to him, among these 41,000 hectares are the areas of the future Wonderful Koala National Parkand vast expanses of woodland such as Doubledock Forest. About 9,000 hectares are in areas with already active logging.

“These areas continue to be exploited despite their identification as the most important koala habitat we know of.”did he say.

More than 5,000 unknown species have been discovered in the Pacific Ocean

Appeasement attempts by the government and the logging company

In the face of growing protests, a NSW Forestry spokesperson said (Forestry Corporation of New South Wales) said the operations had gone through detailed planning processes, including environmental studies and mapping “to identify and protect environmental features”.

NSW Environment Minister Penny Sharp also tried to reassure: “The Government wants a Grand National Koala Park established as soon as possible. While establishing the operation, the Forestry Corporation of New South Wales was approached by the Environmental Protection Agency to encourage them to adopt a precautionary approach when carrying out forestry operations in areas important to koalas.”

Animal Testing: This species is threatened or extinct due to humans

For her part, Federal Environment Minister Tanya Plebersk said regional forest agreements must comply with new national environmental standards that are being developed, as part of broader reforms of laws in this area.

“We are committed to reforming environmental laws in Australia. These laws are no longer valid,” She said. the Endangered animals Like koalas, gliders, sugar gliders and large gliders are all affected by logging in the local forests.”

before concluding: “We also know that there are economic benefits to protecting local forests. It can increase storage Carbone producing water, enabling co-management with First Nations, and creating jobs through wildlife control and forest restoration.”.

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All you need to know about kangaroos

Tagliafico (OL) was selected for the Argentina Asian Tour

Nicolas Tagliafico (OL) during the Argentina vs Australia match on the eighth of the 2022 World Cup

Nicolás Tagliafico (OL) during the Argentina-Australia match in the eighth round of the 2022 World Cup (Photo by Alfredo Estrella/AFP)

After the match against Nice, the OL players will go on vacation for some, at the option of others. Nicolás Tagliafico was retained with Argentina to face Australia and Indonesia in mid-June.

There will be a strong Ligue 1 accent in Argentina’s squad for the June rally. For this last trip of the 2022-2023 season, Lionel stairs Decided to expand on the Asian tour in Albiceleste with newcomers. With two picks already on the clock, but no world champion title, Facundo AL Madinah AL Munawwarah (lens) and Leonardo Ballerdi (on) return to check. The central defender will come to decorate the Argentine team in Ligue 1 with Lionel Messi (Paris Saint-Germain) and Nicholas Tagliafico (ol).

Two matches against Australia and Indonesia

While waiting to see what his future will be like between Rhone and Saone without Europe, the left side ofO.L Will take the direction of Asia after the last match against Nice Saturday (9 pm). World champions Argentina will play two friendlies in mid-June. South American nation you will find in the beginningAustralia On June 15, the country faced off in the World Cup finals, thenIndonesia four days later.

A seven-story building in Sydney, Australia has caught fire, and more than a hundred firefighters have been mobilized


“The building collapsed, while the fire began to spread to several nearby residential (buildings).”Firefighters from the Australian state of New South Wales said in a statement.

Emergency services said twenty fire engines and more than 100 firefighters were mobilized to “contain and extinguish the fire” at the building on Rundle Street near Sydney Central Station.

They added that at least one nearby car was destroyed in the fire.

“People are requested to avoid the area while firefighting operations continue.”said the fire department.

Footage circulating on social media shows flames rising into the sky as high as the building itself, as well as thick smoke billowing from it.

Australia: A seven-storey building in Sydney caught fire, and the fire spread to other buildings


More than a hundred firefighters are trying Thursday May 25th toPut out a violent fire Who declared himself in a seven-storey building in Sydney. Emergency services said it was now spreading to other buildings. “The building is in the process of collapse, as the fire has begun to spread to several nearby buildings, including residential (buildings),” the New South Wales State Fire Service said in a statement.

Twenty fire engines and more than a hundred firefighters were mobilized to “contain and extinguish the fire.” The building is located on Rundle StreetNear Sydney Central Station, emergency services said. They added that at least one nearby car was destroyed in the fire.

“the Residents are asked to avoid the area While firefighting operations continue,” the firefighters said. Footage circulated on social media shows flames rising into the sky as high as the building itself, along with thick smoke rising from it.

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Twelfth in Australia, Sainz doesn’t understand an “unfair” penalty either.

After the retirement of the No. 16 Ferrari, after just three corners, all hopes of an Australian Grand Prix ended on the 55 driven by Carlos Sainz. Starting from the third row on the starting line, he ran through the pits during the first safety car intervention, after Alex Albon’s crash while driving his Williams on lap seven. However, a red flag wave a few laps later dropped the Spaniard to eleventh.

On the restart, he managed to move up to fourth, while battling Pierre Gasly’s Alpine for most of the race, before Kevin Magnussen’s exit cut the race short again with a second red flag in the 56th minute of the round.

On the third start, Sainz tries to defend Gasly by delaying his braking at the first corner. Ferrari driver Then he hit the right rear wheel of an Aston Martin By Fernando Alonso, then in third place and that spun.
For this mistake, the guards will catch up with him 5 seconds of penaltywhich will make Sainz will finish 12th Lively Grand Prix.

After the race, he did not hide his anger and lack of understanding of the decision made by the race management.

“Uh, sorry. Right now, I can’t speak. I’m so angry, and also disappointed… I can’t say anything.”

“I’d rather go to the marshals to overturn the penalty because I don’t think I deserve it and it’s the most unfair penalty I’ve ever seen.”

I’ll go to the commissioners first. I had to come to the TV enclosure first; If I don’t come [ici]They will give me another punishment, so…”

“Sorry, I’d rather not talk. I’ll be back later after I go to meet the commissioners.”

A very difficult start to the season for Scuderia Ferrari, which is currently only fourth in the Constructors’ category with 26 points, while last year at the same time it was first with 104 units.

Australia. A teenage girl is killed by a shark in a river near Perth


Australian authorities said a 16-year-old girl was killed on Saturday when she was attacked by a shark while she was swimming in a river in Western Australia.

The girl was seriously injured by a shark of an unknown species in the Swan River, in Fremantle, on the outskirts of Perth, according to a statement from the state government. This river is located just a few tens of meters from the Indian Ocean, showing that there is a river Sharks

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Paul Robinson of Fremantle Police said she was pulled from the water and pronounced dead at the scene after attempts to revive her failed. “It’s still very early, what we do know is that she was on the river with her friends,” he said at a news conference.

In the water “swim with dolphins”

They were on jet skis. A pod of dolphins was seen nearby and the girl jumped into the water to swim with the dolphins.

He added that the girl’s family, from Perth, were “deeply shocked by the news” of the “extremely painful incident”. Robinson said experts say it’s not uncommon to find sharks in this part of the river.

A call for caution

Robinson said experts say it’s not uncommon to find sharks in this part of the river. The state government urged citizens to exercise “extra caution” on the Swan River and respect the beach closures.

The last fatal attack in a river in Australia dates back to 1960, when a bull shark estimated to be 3.3 meters long attacked a diver on Sydney’s Roseville Bridge, according to a database maintained by the Taronga Conservation Society.

In February last year, a 35-year-old British diving instructor, Simon Nelist, was devoured off Sydney’s Little Bay beach, in the first such attack since 1963 in the country’s largest city.

In Australia, Melbourne residents will be compensated for ‘strict’ containment in July 2020 against Covid-19


Authorities had decided in July 2020 to impose severe restrictions on occupants of public buildings in Melbourne. They were strictly forbidden to leave their residence and were constantly watched by the police.

Australia has long implemented a zero Covid-19 strategy and particularly in the city of Melbourne, whose population of five million has been confined for 262 days. But the restrictions were tougher for the roughly 3,000 residents of HLM towers, who were subjected to a very strict 14-day confinement.

At the time of the second wave of Covid-19, in July 2020, dozens of cases were detected in these nine towers located north of Melbourne. At that time there was no vaccine yet. Moreover, such tall buildings in Australia are actually very rare. Even in large cities, the norm is the single-family home. In order to avoid pollution in the common areas, the authorities decided to impose strict restrictions on the residents, who imposed a total ban on leaving their residence and who were constantly monitored by the police.

Some say they were threatened by the police, and these harsh conditions, in these buildings where a very large part of the population are refugees from the Horn of Africa, have reawakened the excruciating shock in some.

Compensation without excuse

The residents subsequently sued the Victorian government, and the latter announced that it would pay them five million dollars in compensation (about three million euros). The case was revealed in the press on Wednesday 10 May and if there is some kind of complacency among the population, there is also much bitterness because this government offer has only one aim: to get them to drop their legal process and up. Everything, not accompanied by an apology.

The mediator of the State of Victoria, who was seized in the case, considered that this complete confinement was already prejudicial to the basic rights of the tenants of these premises, which were imposed overnight, without waiting for the opinion of the health authorities, and therefore the minimum that the government could do was precisely to apologize .

It is not yet known whether the plaintiffs will accept this proposal. No attorney or resident wanted to answer our questions, perhaps because they had until June 27th to decide whether or not to accept compensation, at which point they had not yet been divided.

This compensation is very low in the end, about 1000 euros per person, but the plaintiffs are for the most part very poor, and with the general rise in prices due to high inflation, it will certainly be difficult to resist. The Victorian Government, for its part, denies any wrongdoing, and considers that, by acting in this way, it has saved many lives.

Echappées belles (France 5) – Sophie Jovillard’s Australian ride


In Australia, we run, swim, surf (obviously!), ride bikes, and even play rugby underwater, as evidenced by one of the amusing sequences of this new issue of Echappées belles, in which host Sophie Jouvelard follows the Prince down the highway, numbered A1, or At least part of this amazing route that runs along the Pacific Ocean from Sydney (pop. 5.1 million) to its great southern rival, Melbourne (pop. 4.9 million). So we do a lot of sport… In the morning, when the sun is no longer shining, we can see, on all the beaches of Sydney and the surrounding area, like Bondi, the silhouettes of those who do not hesitate to dive into the ocean to move and crawl quickly, though The confirmed presence of a few sharks is – fortunately – not very aggressive. As a Ukrainian refugee student in Sydney explains, sport is one of the best ways to integrate. This is how this swimmer, a long-distance specialist in her country, became a member of the underwater rugby team, a type of water polo in which rough contact is allowed.

An original ritual on a sandy bank

Host, she let herself a little sweat by climbing to the top of Harbor Bridge (134 metres), as 200,000 visitors do each year. Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful views of the city and the bay that surrounds it. A few hundred kilometers away, to the south, with Jacob Morey, an Aboriginal, Sophie made a date on a sandbar in Jervis Bay. A place where there are traces of settlement dating back more than 20,000 years ago, it is known by the natives as Booderee (Bay of Abundance). His arms, legs, and face covered in gray mud, Jacob, also a dancer and singer, leads a ceremony with his young family members, supposed to allow him to keep in touch with the earth and nature and thereby perpetuate the traditions of its people, who now account for only 3% of Australia’s total population, or 760 thousand individual.

Furthermore, as she approaches Melbourne, Sophie is joined on the road by Noémie Seck, a French woman who has fallen in love with the country and now works there as an environmental consultant. An odd job of observing the fauna and flora to give recommendations, in order to ensure the protection of the species. As the show reminds us, this entire part of Australia was devastated in 2019 by massive fires, the equivalent of an area as big as Belgium! But, four years later, the plants are really making a comeback, especially in Biwa National Park. Near Wilsons Promontory, where Noémie and Sophie have taken up bivouac, mounting the camera on a small path reveals, early in the morning, its share of surprises in the images. The wombat, this marsupial that has the peculiarity of making square litters, pointed its nose, as well as an animal close to the hedgehog, called the echidna, not forgetting the smaller cousins ​​of the kangaroos, the wallabies.

Nice Escape, Saturday April 27th at 9pm at France 5

Frederick Rabelli

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