Overrun by large deer, Australia will shoot them at night from helicopters


Bighorn deer were introduced to Australia in the 19th century for the pleasure of Anglo-Saxon hunters who wanted to be able to hunt noble game. But, in just over a century, the number of Australian hunters and the population of deer that have no natural predators on Australian soil has collapsed, rising from 50,000 individuals in the 1980s to over a million (or maybe two) today.

This uncontrolled spread causes great inconveniences in a large part of the Australian territory, as deer devour all plants in their path and thus sterilize the soil. Faced with this problem, which is added to the problem of European rabbits, which were also introduced for hunting and whose invasive populations regularly require eradication campaigns, the authorities have chosen a radical solution that could offend people’s feelings and morals. We are the European hunters.

Indeed, in order to contain the demographic explosion of deer, the Australian state, after adopting the action plan presented in mid-December, will launch nightly helicopter operations during which professionals will slaughter entire herds with weapons equipped with thermal goggles from the air. . In view of the planned number of “samples”, it is not even envisaged to collect the slaughtered carcasses of animals.

A very sad end for these wonderful animals that shows us the consequences resulting from a decrease in hunting pressure on a population that is not afraid of any natural predators, indicating the situation that our country must know, especially with regard to wild boars. , if we have to reduce the number of fishing days used to organize the big catch.

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