Ocean Road, a legendary way to discover wild nature



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On Tuesday, January 17th, 13 Hours set off to explore Ocean Road in Australia. It runs along several memorable places of the country, making an unforgettable journey.

in Australia ,great Ocean road”or the Great Ocean Road, which is 243 kilometers long, borders the South Pacific Ocean. This coast of cliffs and rocky peaks has been shaped by cold winds from Antarctica. The journey begins in Melbourne (Australia). The route runs along the legendary beaches that surfers know. Many women, on their working holiday visa, have decided to travel together along this essential route.

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“We half work, half vacation”someone explains. During their journey, they discover eucalyptus forests inhabited by koalas. After more than 200 kilometers of road, the girls reach the end of the roadgreat Ocean road”, On the site of the twelve apostles. Here, 12 limestone rocks have been carved out by erosion, and only eight are still standing. “It’s so beautiful”marvel one of them. “It’s kind of like deifying everything road trip finallyAnd he adds another.

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