In Australia, the wonderful pictures of the total solar eclipse


Astronomy – To admire it, you had to go to a remote part of Australia. Professional astronomers and amateur cosmologists flocked to Exmouth on Thursday 20 April to witness a total solar eclipse, in which the moon blocked out our star for 58 seconds, As you can see in the video at the top of this articleAnd

“Many people are addicted to this weird and wonderful moment”right away, John Latanzio, of the Australian Astronomical Society. They become eclipse hunters and travel the world to recreate the experience..

At 11:29:48 local time, darkness fell on the spectators, plunging them into darkness, before the sun returned fifty-eight seconds later, bathing the Australian outback in its light, the ‘outback’.

Phenomenon visible in few places on Earth

Only residents of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, the southern Philippines and northern Australia managed to admire this rare phenomenon. At the other end of Australia, in Sydney, the eclipse was only partial, with the moon blocking less than 20% of the sun’s surface.

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In East Timor, more than a thousand people, including tourists and astronomers from Southeast Asian countries, gathered in Kum Beach, in the far east of the country, to also witness the exact total eclipse. The last total hybrid solar eclipse was in 2013, and NASA expects another eclipse in 2031.

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