In Australia, breaking a (charging) station can be very expensive


Charging stations are made for… battery powered cars. In Australia, as elsewhere. However, the unscrupulous sleepiness of some motorists, driving a thermal car, sometimes cannot resist the temptation to have an available parking space there. On the other side of the planet, the fine can reach €2,000.

Electric cars do nothing like the others. They’re usually more expensive to buy than “old-fashioned” tech cars, move forward with a hiss inaudible to pedestrians of all ages—some have audio, others have earbuds—and offer real breaks for their driver along classrooms and enjoy preferential treatment in most cities around the world. Evidence of the generosity of the gatherings of these machines, and the possibility of refueling at the edge of public roads, in the designated places. In the past, there were petrol pumps on the sidewalks, types that have practically disappeared from our cities.

Pampered electric vehicles

This enticement of extra vehicles is pretty voracious for traditional parking spaces, the ones that are offered for the vast majority of things rolling. The importance of spaces for electric vehicles becomes roughly inversely proportional to their place in the parking lot, even if sales continue to advance. In France, less than 1% of the fleet is affected by the Blue Fairy (0.64% for “all-electric”, 0.41% for rechargeable hybrids). In big cities, searching for available places has been a sport, an adventure and a headache for the ages in general. The advent of “green” cars doesn’t help matters. So, sometimes, though, he’s at the end of his rope and he comes and goes to try and win the trophy, chauffeur.” thermal “Unfortunately, you can’t resist empty parking spaces, despite the big blue sign painted on the road. Rudeness, causing a bad conscience but mitigating, even a fine at best, a second class fine reduced to €22 or the removal of the vehicle, which is rare.

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You can deliver or pay, my dear

A – A country very far away may have found the solution, Australia. Attacking a freaky motorist’s wallet. And not a little! Like the Wallabies pack, in its prime, to revolve around the offensive tendencies of David Campese. Cities that are still somewhat “all inclusive” charge a fine of just over €200. But in the most “severe” cases, the pain can reach 2,000 euros, and this is the case in the capital, Canberra. A plum justified by Chris Jones, President of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association, in the Guardian daily, “ No one wants me to park in front of the gas pump to go to lunch afterwards. People need to know that there are places you can park your car and others you can’t, and parking in front of a charging station is one of those places. And so, for him, only fines—very salty—can “educate the public.” Ditto for electric cars at stations, but not connected! Let’s hope this doesn’t give our councilors too many ideas.


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