Graham Arnold (Australia) after elimination in the 8th against Argentina: “I’m sure the country is very proud”


Graham Arnold, Australia coach, knocked out by Argentina in the World Cup round of 16: “I told the men that I could not be more proud of them and all that they have given, for me and the country. It has been a long, arduous journey of four and a half years. Of course, I am a little disappointed, because we think we could have had more. But I am sure the country is proud “I’m very fond of these boys. You don’t play every day with the third best team in the world and I think we did a very good job. I’m proud of the sacrifices they’ve made on this journey.”

“I had the honor of playing against Diego Maradona and training against Argentina’s Messi”

Australia manager

“We heard a lot that we were the worst Socceroos team of all time. And we got to the last 16, like in 2006, by getting 6 points in sets, which never happened. Messi? He’s incredible. She’s one of the Greatest of all time. He’s amazing. I had the honor of playing against Diego Maradona and coaching against Argentina’s Messi. They are two exceptional players, Argentina should be proud and happy to have players of this caliber. (about football in Australia) Football is a sport that unites our nation. The fans were very happy to be there for the World Cup. But this has to be the case every time and we need the government to allocate money to develop this sport. »

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