Golden Globes 2022 Race. Only half of the fleet is still racing off Australia


By sailing the old-fashioned way, the challenge is doing the purveyors of the 2022 edition of the Golden Globes no good, which kicks off September 4 at Les Sables-d’Olonne. As of January 2, 2023, only eight of them remain in contention four months after the battle at sea.

The Golden Globes Race (GGR) lane in Australian waters celebrate the New Year 2023.

Three skippers have already passed through Hobart Gate, located in Storm Bay, a bay on the Australian island of Tasmania. They are now heading to the Pacific Ocean.

After crossing the Hobart Gate, Simon Corwin regained the lead in the classification, passing the southern tip of New Zealand with a lead of almost 500 km.

Kirsten New sponsor2 y, struggling in light winds but with 35 hours to make up for the necessary turn to save Finn Tapio Lehtinen in mid-November. Indian Abhilash Tomy is hot on her heels.

Austrian Michael Gugenberger approaches Storm Bay, while Jeremy Bagshaw and Ian Herbert-Jones are at the bottom of the order, sailing between Cape Leeuwin in southwest Australia and Hobart Gate in the southeast.

Four months have passed since the start of the race on September 4 at Les Sables-d’Olonne. Eight competitors withdrew.

Of the eight sailors remaining at sea, two will not be able to claim the title of winner of the GGR.

Jay White has been relegated to Chichester after a stopover in Cape Town and is unlikely to make it to Hobart’s doorstep in time.

American Elliott Smith’s lead was also thwarted by multiple technical problems. The swell caused him to lose several essential tools to repair his ship. Despite his perseverance, the door to Hobart seems elusive.

I guess I’ll have to stop there.

Elliott Smith

Skipper from the Golden Globes

  1. Simon Corwin (United Kingdom)
  2. Kirsten Neuchafer (South Africa)
  3. Abhilash Tumi (India)
  4. Michael Guggenberger (Austria)
  5. Jeremy Bagshaw (South Africa)
  6. Ian Herbert Jones (Royaume-Uni)
  7. Elliott Smith (USA)
  8. Jay Waits (UK) – He was relegated to Chichester

The nautical adventure continues for six sailors who take the route to the Pacific Ocean heading to Cape Horn in the southernmost tip of Latin America.

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The three captains at the helm of the fleet had already completed more than half of the race. Don McIntyre, founder of GGR, doesn’t award anyone a winner but follows these fierce competitors closely.

It’s an exciting race with three different boats, three great sailors, all in the same weather system and all eager to be the first.

Don McIntyre

Founder of the Golden Globe Race

“But if there’s one thing I know, it’s that we’re still a long way from Les Sables-d’Olonne and anything can happen.”is the nuances.

Sailors have been sailing for more than a hundred days alone in the face of the sea and its unexpected events, without modern technology to guide them. The Golden Globes race is an old fashioned racesimilar to the first edition in 1968. Sailors rely only on the equipment of the time to navigate: a sextant, a paper map, a winding chronometer …

No electronics, of course, but no stops or assists either, for the pain of finishing the race in the “Chichester Class” (a Golden Globe race with stops).

During the last release, the sea had put the skippers to the test and many of their abandonments were frowned upon. Only five people accepted the challenge.


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