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The punishment fell a few days ago to a player from Perth Bayswater, which is the oldest club in Australia, by the way, and plays in a regional league. The incident occurred on April 22, but the referee only appeared on Wednesday, by Rugby Western Australia. The player’s punishment was final, and thus the latter was suspended for 96 weeks, which equates to 5 seasons away from the rugby fields.

Football. Excluded. Auch, Brive… Arnaud Mignardi’s secrets: ‘Brive’s place is not in Pro D2’During a match, the player’s brace was completely disengaged, and he threw a violent shoulder into the back of the referee, Ian Sunderland, in a deliberate manner. The latter, unable to see anything, simply whistled to stop the action, in order to recover his senses, and then ordered play to resume as if none of this had happened. However, a video was filmed by a fan present at the stadium, and with photos and testimonies from some players, the offender quickly had to explain himself to the Western Australian Rugby Authority (RWA). We also learned that according to Australian media The Sydney Morning Herald, the player’s punishment will only take effect from next season, because the season is over in Australia, and that It was the first suspension issued by the RWA beyond the 100 weeks he was in the freezer.

However, that same player didn’t go far enough to get a lifetime ban, which could very well have happened given the photos. According to the regulations, the maximum penalty in this type of situation can result in a complete suspension. asked before The Sydney Morning Herald’s Perth Bayswater chairman, Daryl Stopes, appeared understand the situation “We accepted the decision and we do not condone what he did. We fully support the decision of the Referees Association and RugbyWA. We have real concerns about referee Ian Sunderland and his injury following the incidentAnd that’s what we thought in the first place.” Finally, the same Australian media also published the press release from the RWA, and its general manager, Simon Taylor, who totally opposes this kind of behaviour: “I condemn Any form of abuse or harassment of match officials is strongly discouraged and we are determined to ensure that such behavior is banned from the game.”

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