Emmanuel Mevu explains his decision to play with the French XV, not for Australia!


The super-powerful second line from Stade-Toulousain, Emmanuel Mevu has tasted the France squad in recent weeks.

French coach Fabien Galthe was recalled to France’s group last week from training during the Six Nations Championship, and Emmanuel Miafo indicated he was very happy to discover Marcoussi and the French national team.

Cross request RMC SportHe said on the subject. Extracts:

“It was a very good experience, with world class players, one or two world class teams. To be out there with this team, this group…”

He explains that he exchanged with Fabian Galthi. Extracts:

“We didn’t talk much. But above all he asked me to keep working, to play like I do, to be better in every game. And the choice will happen if it has to happen.”

If he still hopes to be able to play a World Cup for the Blues, for the time being he would prefer to focus on his services with Toulouse. Extracts:

“It’s not possible at the moment already. I try not to think about it. If it happens, great. But for now, I’m still focused on Toulouse. There are five games left for the top 14. There are plenty of games to play.”

In the process, he explains why he absolutely wants to play for France’s XV and not for another country. Extracts:

“I am here and I love this country. It is a country that gives me the opportunity to live the dream of becoming a professional rugby player. This is the most important thing. I want to give back to France everything they have done for me. With an incredible club. It is my life now. I hope to play another ten years here.” “.

In conclusion, Emmanuel Mevu admits that Australia’s coach: Eddie Jones has reached out to him. But he refused to wear a Wallabies jersey. Extracts:

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“He called me out. Try a little. I respect Eddie Jones, and Lapez. But now my life is France.”


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