Echappées Belles May 27: Heading to Australia Tonight in France 5 (Recap)


The Nice Escape on May 27, 2023 – This evening and like every Saturday you can find two issues of “Échappées belles” in France 5. On today’s programme, a new “Australia, on the road to the ocean” followed by a rerun of “Le Japon des cerisiers en flowers”.

to continue from 8:55 p.m. on the channel, then on reruns France.TV

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Echappées Belles from May 27th, 8:55pm – “Australia, on the road to the ocean”

Welcome to Australia, this enormous continent of 7,690,000 square kilometres, located at the other end of the world. Almost 26 million Australians live here. The population density is approximately 3 inhabitants / km 2, which contributes to giving a feeling of freedom in an endless space. In this show, Sophie Guvillard takes you on a journey between Sydney and Melbourne, the two most famous and emblematic cities in the country. You will discover a population that is very connected to nature. In fact, each of these cities has access to the ocean and proximity to very wild nature. Between these two urban spaces: bushes, main roads and of course kangaroos! You will discover a destination with powerful landscapes and yet very fragile nature. In New South Wales and Victoria, Sophie takes you to unique Australia! What is the Australians’ relationship with the nature that surrounds them? How do they live in harmony with, protect and enhance their environment?

Reports: Sydney City of Athletes / Australia’s Unmissable Beaches / This Great Sun / Australia on the Road / Life After Fire / Melbourne The Greek City.

Echappées Belles of May 27 at 10:30 pm – “Japan of Cherry blossoms”

Japan fascinates as far as it seems. Sacred sites blend with skyscrapers to create stunning landscapes for the most exclusive of places. This country, which combines love of nature and constant technological innovation, between the frantic life of Tokyo and the tranquility of onsen – hot baths, Japan seems like a country of contrasts.
Spring is arguably one of the most striking seasons to visit the country and enjoy the magical cherry blossom season. Sakura, this celebration of renewal in the shade of cherry trees, is a national event in Japan.

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Ismail Khalifa begins his journey to Tokyo in the popular Yanaka district …

Catch “Echappées Belles” on Saturday May 27, 2023 from 9 pm in France 5


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