Daniel Ricciardo’s amazing road trip to Australia at the wheel of an F1 car


Daniel Ricciardo is the Red Bull driver again this season, but as a reserve driver. He hasn’t had the chance to warm up tires on racetracks given the more than perfect form of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez, so he’s allowing himself some bragging rights all over the world.

Ahead of the Australian Grand Prix on April 2, Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull’s third driver, will not start at Albert Park but has taken advantage of his presence in his home country. Quite a wonderful wild ride Admit it. The former McLaren driver returned to the cockpit in very unusual conditions with special tires for the occasion. The eight-time Grand Prix winner is back behind the wheel of the RB7the car in which Sebastian Vettel won the 2011 World Championship, for a final test, he drove through the Outback in Queensland and New South Wales before finishing his race at the famous Mount Panorama circuit.

Through the diverse landscapes of Australia, Daniel Ricciardo begins his journey in the desert with an optional stop adapted for the occasion in the town of Broken Hill. A breathtaking video takes us to An exciting journey into the heart of the hinterland On scenic farmland and stunning ocean views, with local racing experts at the driver’s side to spice it all up. A video that will appeal to fans of the driver and the team but also to all fans of travel and of course Formula 1.

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