Crossing Australia by train: a must-do?


Whether you are an expat, backpacker or transient, crossing this huge continent by train is an extraordinary experience. But is this really you? we I tested the Indo-PacificFrom Sydney to Perth. We tell you everything.

Train travel in Australia is for you if…

You have time. In fact, it’s faster (and sometimes cheaper) to fly from Sydney and land in Perth a few hours later. But here, the journey itself is just as interesting as the destination. They watch the beautiful scenery pass through your window, allowing you to relax by the regular vibrations of the machine, unwind at the bar or take advantage of the excursions offered along the way.

Credit to Lucille Andre

You have the money. For Sydney Perth in a ‘Golden Single’ (eco class) cabin, count several thousand dollars. All meals are included, as are drinks and excursions. Not mandatory, they allow you to spot the area and stretch your legs outside of the train. You will have the opportunity to visit the historic mining town of Kalgoorlie, the ghost town of Cooke, Adelaide and the Blue Mountains near Sydney.

Indo-Pacific Australia

You love trains. This trip is a must for you. What could be more romantic than traveling through the gorgeous landscapes of the Australian Outback on an old railway line built by settlers? The caravan (almost a kilometer long!) traverses the desolate Nullarbor Plain for nearly 500 kilometers, the longest straight railway in the world. For four days and three nights, you can admire the blue-green mountains and the red and barren lands of the jungle. There is no doubt that this journey is legendary for all ferrovirus species.

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Do you like luxury travel? The very antique interior has something to tempt you. Wooden doors, soft old benches, impeccable service. Every day you will be presented with a menu with many dishes to choose from, as well as an Australian and European wine list. The food here is absolutely delicious. You will be seated as in a restaurant, at tables of four. The chance to chat with other travelers whose average age is around 65! The lounge and its bar provide a meeting space that is open at all times. It’s like an all inclusive hotel…

indian pacific train perth sydney australia travel tourism
Credit to Lucille Andre

Train In Australia, To Avoid If…

Love to take your time to visit. Journeys off the train can be frustrating. You’ll stay in a group, and be constrained by schedules. You won’t see Australia’s southern coast either (which offers great places like Esperance), because the caravan runs north in the Outback. If you like to explore the south coast at your own pace and enjoy the sea, this trip is probably not for you.

You are stuffy. Whoever says train, says off-limits. The “golden” single cabin is really small, although it’s smartly equipped. During the day, you can take advantage of a comfortable armchair and a table, as well as a small sink with cosmetic products. In the evening a crew member will come and make your bed which pulls back from the wall. The cabin is very comfortable and gives you the necessary privacy, but don’t expect to be able to do yoga there. The lanes are narrower, and it’s hard to pass in pairs!

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In summary, Indo Pacific Council, or To his fellow Ghanaian (Adelaide Darwin), It is the adventure in the immensity of Australia, but also to make a return in time.
Those who are nostalgic for the golden age of trains will be delighted, as for others… an exotic experience to say the least!

indian pacific train perth sydney australia travel tourism
Credit to Lucille Andre

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