Ben Simmons predicted at the 2023 World Cup with Australia


After another season in the NBA marred by injuries, Ben Simmons must play the next World Cup with Australia. Anyway, here’s what Boomers coach Brian Georgian told Australian radio SEN.

A three-time NBA All-Star Game selection, Ben Simmons was well on his way to a stellar career in the American League. Unfortunately for him, the Australian leader has seen his physique let him down and slow his progress in recent years. While off his least prolific career season (6.9 points, 6.3 rebounds and 6.1 assists in 26 minutes) and having not played for the Brooklyn Nets since Feb. 15, the Melbourne native will try to freshen himself up this summer.

Australia coach Brian Georgian confirmed to local SEN radio that the NBA had it “strong chance” To be part of the next World Cup in Indonesia, Japan and the Philippines in August:

” It does not work (for Simmons in the national team) So far, but now he is in a position where his health is good in order to play again. Our door is always open to him, and my relationship with him has always been open since I took office. ยป

If he returns to his squad, Ben Simmons could prove a valuable addition to the Australian squad in the competition. Boomers fell into one of the toughest groups along with Japan, Finland and Germany. So they will not have the right to make mistakes once they enter the competition so as not to risk early elimination.

Photo: Ben Simmons

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