Australia shuts down its oldest coal-fired power plant to switch to renewable energy


Transition – it will take two years to destroy it

L’Australia Preparing for a radical shift towards renewable energies. The country, which is one of the major exporters of coal In the world so far, the Red Lantern in terms of environmental protection closed the oldest coal-fired power station on Friday. there Power plant From Liddell, about three hours’ drive north of Sydney, is one of a series of aging coal-fired power stations that will be closed in the coming years.

Built in 1971, Liddell supplied about 10% of theelectricity It is consumed in New South Wales, the most populous state in Australia. It would take two years to destroy it, says its operator, AGL, under which the site could be used for a clean energy project, such as a hydrogen power plant. “More than 90% of the plant’s materials will be recycled, including 70,000 tons of steel, which is more steel than the Port Bridge in Sydney Public company stands out.

“fairly rapid gradual withdrawal”

For decades, coal provided the bulk of Australia’s electricity, oil and gas expert Mark Diesendorf told AFP, but plants like Liddell quickly became unreliable “wrecks”. Renewable energy from the University of New South Wales. Inefficient, polluting and expensive maintenance (…] Read more in 20 minutes

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