Australia bans the use of TikTok by members of its government


TikTok is still in the crosshairs of countries and international bodies. Last February, the European Commission had already banned its employees from using the TikTok app. An action also taken by the United States or Canada for the professional organs of members of their government.

This Tuesday, April 4, Australia is following in its footsteps and that decision will be put into practice. “as soon as possible”said the Minister of Justice.

Ongoing investigation

The concerns are based in particular on the fact that Beijing could use the Chinese social network for espionage purposes. According to our colleagues from BFM TVThe Canadian police station even launched an investigation to verify that TikTok complies with the collection, use and reporting of personal information.

TikTok was fined €14.5 million on Tuesday by Britain’s digital data regulator. The social network is said to have allowed up to 1.4 million children under the age of 13 in the UK to open an account in 2020, contrary to its official rules.

Faced with controversy, the Australian spokesperson for TikTok has stepped up to the plate on local channel Seven. “Nobody is working harder than us to make sure that won’t be possible,” he said.

After the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Great Britain, Australia thus became the latest “five eyes” country to restrict access to the social network to state officials.

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