Australia: A four-meter-long, decapitated crocodile was found on the beach


Shocking discovery. as a site for scientific information live science I reported on Thursday, April 20th, that an Australian beach known for its stunning scenery was recently the scene of a frightening scene. A few days ago, residents found themselves face to face with the carcass of a giant four-meter crocodile – its head severed – that was rotting in the sand.

The reptile’s decapitation could have been motivated by revenge, after a spate of attacks from these animals on humans, detailing his side, which are based on several testimonies from residents. Attacks have been seen between Port Douglas and Cooktown along the Queensland coast. However, in a statement sent to Live Science, the Queensland Department of Environment and Science (DES) said it did not know how the crocodile died.

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Perception of “natural predation”

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In this same press release quoted by our colleagues, DES specified that the animal’s body was in such a state “state of decay” At the time of her discovery, no autopsy had been performed. For the same reason, it is Unable to determine if there is [ou non] human intervention. In this way, it could be “Alligators have been decapitated before slaughter or after slaughter, due to natural predation.”.

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The coexistence of crocodiles and humans is often difficult. Last December, we echoed an article by Newsweek It is alluded to as “Gustav the Crocodile”, a reptile that could have killed more than 300 people over a period of several years. According to our American colleagues, this animal, with a length of 6.09 meters and a weight of more than 900 kilograms, was first identified in 2001 – in Burundi – by herpetologist Patrice Faye. the National GeographicFor her part, she found the first traces of the attacks on the villagers in 1987.

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