Australia a fan of Bitcoin ATMs – crypto ATMs on every corner?


unlike United kingdomoù la Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Tracks the lowest bitcoin ATM -, for ‘Australia Double vending machines bitcoin (BTC). The southern country will have more currency exchange machines on its own from all of asia ! Simple zoom of a crypto ATM in the land of Kangaroos.

Australia Close to 400 Bitcoin ATMs

website of ATM radar for coins It is a true statistical bible Bitcoin vending machines and other cryptocurrencies. We can see that, if it is United State remains by far the country in the world with the most ATMs – with more than 29,000 machines -, for ‘Australia He managed to hold his own compared to many other regions.

Like the reports Including Cointelegraph andAustralia He already is Third most talented country In Bitcoin ATMs, after the USA, Canada (second). Thus the former British colony would have 381 distributors of cryptocurrencies, distributed mainly in its coastal cities.

Not surprisingly, they are the two largest Australian cities by population. Melbourne et al Sydneywhich concentrates most of these exchange machines, with each Almost a hundred DATM Encoder.

Cryptocurrency ATMs dot the coasts of Australia like mushrooms. Source:

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More BTC ATMs in Oceania than in all of Asia!

although population percentage Between Oceania and Asia largely in favor of this second geographic region (with only China and India), Australia alone actually has more ATMs.

In fact, billions of residents of the Asian continent have to make do with it 356 distributors Automated cryptocurrency machines (vs. 381 in Australia). And again, not far from half of them – environment 150 – concentrated on a small island of Hong Kong.

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after France Unfortunately, he also has nothing to criticize in this area. In fact, its 70 million residents must share 10 unfortunate cryptocurrencies for ATMsof which 6 are in Paris.

So almost France desert In this regard, where our Spanish neighbors enjoy 280 distributors of bitcoins in their territory. Up to Spain 4H world In this respect, specifically behind Australia, which stole third place between October 2022 and today.

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