Americans and Australians qualify for Paris 2024, French take bronze in Hong Kong, China


Two new teams of Football Women share Paris Olympics 2024.

After France as hosts and New Zealand, Australia and the United States have validated their tickets for the upcoming Olympic Games. These two nations can no longer finish outside the top four in the 2023 World Rugby Sevens Series.

the Aussies And the Americans had to reach the quarterfinals of Hong Kong, China to qualify and they did. The former dominated Group B while the latter finished second in Group C behind Les Bleues.

in knockout matches, Team USA They were eliminated from the start by Fiji (19-14), while the world champions continued their saga by joining the final. partners Charlotte KaslickHe, the top scorer of the tournament, knocked out Ireland (24-5), then Great Britain (21-5) before losing in the final to the voracious New Zealanders (26-17).

Four of the first six women’s tournaments of the season ended in a duel between these two teams. On three occasions, victory went to black fern Which is at the top of the standings with 118 points out of 120 possible.

Australia and the United States completed the provisional podium while the French finished fourth. On the heels of an excellent show Seraphine OkimbaThey finished fifth in the stage held in Hong Kong, China from March 31 to April 2.

Three teams can hope to win the final quota during the Toulouse stage

The Women’s Rugby World Series season will conclude at the next stop in Toulouse from May 12-14.

There will be many issues.

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New Zealand will be bidding for their sixth consecutive tournament to claim the title while on home soil, the French will be bidding for their second podium of the season. But above all, three teams will fight for the last dedicated Olympic stake across the world circuit.

Ireland, Fiji and Great Britain battle for fifth place, and qualify thanks to France’s presence in the top four. These three countries are evaluated in four points.

The Irish are only two units ahead of the Fijians and two more than the British. peers Jasmine Joyce He did well over the weekend bringing back a bronze medalist from Hong Kong, China to stay in the Olympic qualification race. They will find Fiji in the group stage of the next stage in what could prove to be a decisive match.

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Will the French take bronze in Hong Kong, China, on the men’s first allotment next weekend in Singapore?

For the men, the French team climbed to their second consecutive World Rugby Sevens Series podium. After finishing second in Vancouver, the Blues finished third in Hong Kong, China, on Sunday, April 2.

They were only beaten by the New Zealanders, future winners, in the semi-finals (7-12). peers Jordan Sifu He then responded as Great Britain won the bronze medal match (17-19). This performance allows them to be fourth in the general classification behind All blackArgentina and Fiji.

None of these teams is guaranteed an Olympic quota. There are three stages left before the end of the season for men. The next round, which is scheduled to take place in Singapore next weekend, could help provide a clearer view into the race to Paris 2024. New Zealand can win a ticket to France if they hold on to at least 42 of 43 points. April 9, 2023.

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