Adelaide and South Australia, the core of the Land of Oz


Cape Willoughby – Kangaroo Island Tourism Australia

The gateway to the famous Kangaroo Island and island paradise, Adelaide and South Australia have established themselves as a favorite destination for foreign visitors, between gastronomic experiences, wining sessions and immersion in one of its most famous nature reserves.

Home to an animal sanctuary as precious as it is desirable, Kangaroo Island is the essential getaway for any stay in Australia, whether you want to spend a few magical days there or an (almost) entire week secluded from the world. As the island is preserved, it is still within easy reach of the city of Adelaide which, more than just a base, offers a unique and unforgettable experience.

Adelaide, the vibrant heart of South Australia

Australia’s wine capital, Adelaide is the perfect starting point for any exploration of the country’s southern region (including Kangaroo Island). Colorful cultural events, a thriving gastronomic scene with fine wine tasting rooms and modern rooftops really define city life in tune with the times, with the advantage of offering a string of sunny beaches nearby.A relaxed atmosphere. The nerve center of world-renowned wine regions, Adelaide allows you to explore the surrounding estates and sample some of Australia’s best wines in the midst of oceans of vineyards.

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In the heart of indigenous lands

Known as the ‘Tandanya’, the Adelaide plains are the traditional lands of the Kaurna people which stretch from Port Broughton to Cape Jervis. With the Adelaide Kaurna Walking Trail, which connects 17 sites of interest such as botanical gardens, museums and cultural centres, we follow in the footsteps of those Aborigines who shape the identity of this region. In the city center, one can also visit the Tandanya National Institute of Aboriginal Culture. Finally, Adelaide makes it very easy to reach the wild, unmissable paradise of Kangaroo Island by plane (thirty minutes) or by ferry from Cape Jervis (an hour and a half drive from Adelaide then 45 minute crossing).

Pay de Emu – Kangaroo Island Tourism Australia

Kangaroo Island, Nature in the Wild

A natural haven protected from mass tourism and the third largest island on the Australian coast, Kangaroo Island is an essential getaway for all visitors to Australia, easily accessible from Adelaide. Divided into seven small regions (Dudley Peninsula, American River, Kingscote, Heartland, North Coast, West End and South Coast), the island contains countless national parks and nature reserves, covering more than a third of the territory. A refuge for Australian animals, the latter is home to endemic species of kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, but also, most surprisingly, penguins, fur seals or the very rare and majestic black parrot. At Seal Bay, you can view one of the exceptional colonies of sea lions with a local guide along the coastal path.

Koalas Family – Kangaroo Island Tourism Australia

Stop at Flinders Chase

At the island’s largest nature reserve, Flinders Chase, you can admire the Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch, two must-see sights, before encountering many endangered species: endemic birds, frogs, monitor lizards, as well as the dunnart. In terms of lodging, we’d resign ourselves to the luxury of Oceanview’s “eco villas” or the comfort of Southern Ocean Lodge, which intends to reopen its ecolodge at the end of 2023. Unless we prefer the intimacy of Wander Cottages that offer everything in the standings of a suite overlooking the bay. As for the Sea Dragon Kangaroo Island, they offer two-day all-inclusive packages (including gourmet meals and guided tours) that promise an unforgettable stay on the island.

Remarkables Rocks – Kangaroo Island Tourism Australia

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