A dinosaur skull that died 100 million years ago was found in Australia – La Nouvelle Tribune


Image DL illustration (Unsplash)

Thanks for the museum mission Age of Dinosaurs de Wintonnear the station in another placein Queensland, fossil remains of the species Diamantinasaurus matildae It was discovered. This is a good part of the animal’s skull. This made it possible to analyze the anatomy of the dinosaur, on the one hand, and its relationships with species of the same group, on the other.

We retain information made public by teams Curtin Universitythat the animal was almost alive 100 million years. As other characteristics, it can measure about fifteen meters in length for a weight From 15 to 20 tons. Analysis of the skull provided more information about the skull, the bones that make up the back of the skull near the jaw joint, and the shape of the teeth. All these elements make it possible to classify the animal in the class of primitive titanosaurs.

This would be the class that lived on Earth as the last group of vegetarian sauropods to emerge. They come with a head at the end of a long neck. With four legs and a rather long tail, the rest of the body resembles a barrel. Many of these bones have been discovered across the continents. The discovered skull has many similarities with a skull Sarmientosaurus musacchioi. This titanosaur lived in South America. This confirms the hypothesis that titanosaurs arrived in Australia from South America.

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