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Saibai Island (in)

Pay Australia Australia
archipelago Torres Strait Islands
the site Torres Strait (Pacific Ocean)
personal information
Surface 107.9 km2
ribs 53.9 km
culmination point Unnamed (1.7 m)
geology mainland island
Australia Australia
Itat Queensland
demography Demography (in Greek…)
population 337 hab. (2006)
density 3,12 hab./km2
other information
Discovery prehistoric age
time zone UTC +10

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carrotAustralia (Australia (officially the Commonwealth of Australia) is a country…)

Saibai that it ile (An island is an area of ​​land surrounded by water, whether that water is from a river, or…) Australia is located in the Torres Strait Nord (North is a cardinal point, opposite South). Queensland which privacy is located in 4 km Just off the coast of Papua New Guinea. Low and swampy, mostly inhabited by the indigenous people of the Torres Strait.


The island was formed by accumulating sediment from the nearby (about 5 km) Papuan rivers. It is about 20 km long and 6 km wide. is a high one meter (The meter (symbol m, from the Greek metron, measure) is the basic unit of length…) in mean (The mean is a statistical measure that characterizes the elements of a set of…) And swamp soil is covered mangroves (Mangroves are an ecosystem that mainly includes a group of plants…). Saibai is often flooded during Season (Season is a period of the year that witnesses a relative constancy of climate and …) Rainfall up to more than two metresor (Water is a chemical compound found everywhere on Earth, essential for everyone…). On the other hand, during the dry season there can be a shortage of fresh water.


Saibay is inhabited mainly by the Aboriginal people of the Torres Strait, and they made up 93.5% of the total population of 337 in 2006. It is a young population, with the average age among the Aborigines being 22 years. 62% of the population speaks their first language Kala Lagaw Yathe local language classified according to the authors as either a Papal language or as an indigenous language, andthe use (Use is the act of making use of something.) the Torres Strait CreoleThe language of vehicles in the area near Papuan Tok Pisin is widespread, with only 7.3% of the indigenous people speaking only English in their homes.


The area has been inhabited for at least 2,500 years, but the history of the inhabitants is known only precisely from their first contact with Europeans. It is known that they interacted with the people of coastal Papua and that they were often in conflict with the Kiwai people who originated from river (In French-speaking hydrography, a river is a stream of water that flows into the sea or into …) He flies. In 1871, the arrival of missionaries from the London Missionary Society had important consequences, as the islanders converted to Christianity and destroyed the sacred stone that was supposed to protect them from their enemies. Like the rest of the Torres Strait islands, Saibay was annexed by Queensland in 1879, bringing the island back into the bosom of an Australia that would never leave. I hit the island before mysterious (A wave is an oscillatory movement of the surface of an ocean, sea, or lake. …) Mystic called the cargo cult that influenced Melanesia at the beginning XXH Horn, a cult unique to the island known as German Weslin He appeared and practiced between 1913 and 1914. While waiting for the arrival of GoalAnd the spirits, the inhabitants were to abstain, and the spirits were to come to Saibai, expel the whites, and return their stolen goods to the natives. The event that did not happen, the cult died on its own. Serious floods in 1946 led to the settlement of part of the island’s population under the leadership of a man named Bamaga Genao. continent (The word “continent” comes from the Latin “continere” meaning “cohesion”, or continent…) Australian, on the Cape York Peninsula. They baptized their community “Bamaga” after the man who led the migration. This strong community of 774 people still exists and maintains close ties with the residents who remain on the island.

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